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In Depth: Was the Navy Yard Shooter Subjected to Mind Control in the Military?

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For the true love of free speech, all angles of important tragedies have to be explored in order to get to the truth. Sometimes the journey towards truth gets ugly and scary, sometimes almost implausible. But given the long line of soldiers who go to wars normal yet come back as post traumatic stress “zombies,” we have to give them the benefit of the doubt and wonder if our military is being entirely truthful with us…


Washington Gunman Recently Told Cops He Was Being Bombarded By Microwave Signals That Kept Him Awake At Night

Six weeks before going on a killing spree at the Washington Navy Yard, Aaron Alexis told Rhode Island police that he was being followed by individuals who were using a “microwave machine” to send vibrations into his body that kept him from falling asleep, according to a bizarre police report.

On August 7, Alexis summoned Newport cops to a Marriott hotel where he was staying. During a 6:30 AM interview, the 34-year-old–who said he was a “naval contractor” who traveled often–told officers that voices were harassing him through a hotel wall, adding that he was fearful he could be harmed.

Alexis explained to police that he had previously gotten into an argument prior to boarding a plane in Virginia, and believed that the person with whom he quarreled had dispatched three individuals “to follow him and keep him awake by talking to him and sending vibrations into his body.” While he had not seen these individuals, Alexis said he “believes they are two black males and a black female.”

Additionally, Alexis claimed that the voices had forced him to flee two prior hotels, one of which was on Naval Station Newport (where Alexis was apparently set to do contracting work). Alexis refused to tell cops what the voices were saying to him “through the walls, floor and ceiling.”

The unknown individuals, Alexis said, were using “some sort of microwave machine” to send vibrations into his body. Alexis assured cops that he did not have a history of mental illness in his family or any sort of prior “mental episode.”

Now consider the following report about a lawsuit brought by war veterans against the U.S. government, as reported in Wired Magazine:

Vets Sue CIA Over Mind Control Tests

By Noah Shachtman
3:05 PM

For two decades or more during the Cold War, the CIA and the military allegedly plied the unwitting with acid, weed, and dozens of psychoactive drugs, in a series of zany (and sometimes dangerous) mind-control experiments. Now, the Vietnam Veterans of America are suing the agency and the Pentagon for perceived abuses suffered under the so-called “MK-ULTRA” and other projects.

Six veterans are suffering from all kinds of ailments tied to this “diabolical and secret testing program,” according to a statement from the vets’ lawyers, passed on to SpyTalk’s Jeff Stein.

The experiments allegedly included “the use of troops to test nerve gas, psychochemicals, and thousands of other toxic chemical or biological substances, and … the insertion of septal implants in the brains of subjects inmind control experiments that went awry, leaving many civilian and military subjects with permanent disabilities.” Subjects were tested without their consent, the veterans say. And when the trials were over, the government failed to “provide health care or compensation.”


Detainees Allege Being Drugged, Questioned U.S. Denies Using Injections for Coercion

By Joby Warrick Washington Post Staff Writer Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Adel al-Nusairi remembers his first six months at Guantanamo Bay as this: hours and hours of questions, but first, a needle.

“I’d fall asleep” after the shot, Nusairi, a former Saudi policeman captured by U.S. forces in Afghanistan in 2002, recalled in an interview with his attorney at the military prison in Cuba, according to notes. After being roused, Nusairi eventually did talk, giving U.S. officials what he later described as a made-up confession to buy some peace.

“I was completely gone,” he remembered. “I said, ‘Let me go. I want to go to sleep. If it takes saying I’m a member of al-Qaeda, I will.’ “

Nusairi, now free in Saudi Arabia, was unable to learn what drugs were injected before his interrogations. He is not alone in wondering: At least two dozen other former and current detainees at Guantanamo Bay and elsewhere say they were given drugs against their will or witnessed other inmates being drugged, based on interviews and court documents.

Like Nusairi, other detainees believed the injections were intended to coerce confessions.

The Defense Department and the CIA, the two agencies responsible for detaining terrorism suspects, both deny using drugs as an enhancement for interrogations, and suggest that the stories from Nusairi and others like him are either fabrications or mistaken interpretations of routine medical treatment.

Yet the allegations have resurfaced because of the release this month of a 2003 Justice Department memo that explicitly condoned the use of drugs on detainees.

Former U.S. intelligence officials have acknowledged using sedatives to subdue some terrorism suspects as they were being transported from one facility to another, but likewise insist that drugs were never used as interrogation tools. “Any suggestion that the agency’s enhanced interrogation techniques included the administration of drugs is simply wrong,” said a senior intelligence official who spoke on the condition of anonymity, citing secrecy concerns.

Several former military and intelligence officials familiar with the detention program said they were unaware of any systematic use of drugs to manipulate behavior. Alberto J. Mora, a former Navy general counsel who opposed the Bush administration’s decision to use aggressive interrogation tactics, said he recalled no discussions about the use of drugs.

But Mora said he understood why some detainees are concerned. “They knew they were being injected with something, and it is clear from all accounts that some suffered severe psychological damage,” Mora said.

President-elect Obama has re-affirmed his intention to shut down the detention center at Guantanamo Bay. This will come as a relief to many who have been concerned about some of the ethical issues involved and exactly what has been going on there. While much has been made of so-called “enhanced” interrogation techniques (especially waterboarding), the question of chemically-assisted interrogation has received almost no attention at all.

There are certainly allegations of forced drug use at Guantanamo. An article in the Washington Post mentions many of these, and points to a 2003 Justice Department memo from then-Justice Department lawyer John C. Yoo suggesting that interrogation drugs could be used if their effects were not permanent or profound.

Detainee David Hicks says that he was forcibly given injections; Briton Jamal Harith says he was given drugs that left him woozy and disoriented. The Washington Post reckons that at least two dozen inmates have made similar claims, but the Defense Departments insist these claims are “either fabrications or mistaken interpretations of routine medical treatment.”

However, the search for a “truth drug” has been an obsession among the intelligence community for many years, and the indications are that this is continuing.

A recent report on the technology of “Cognitive Neuroscience,” commissioned by the intelligence community, highlights the testing of new psychoactive chemicals for interrogation and other applications:

Secret military and intelligence-related human experiments seem to have ceased after the Army and CIA scandals of the middle 1970s, and a vastly more sensitive attitude on these matters appears to have prevailed, although some insist that secret experiments should continue. (emphasis mine)

Many new types of psychoactive drugs have become available in the last few decades, and some of them may prove more effective than the LSD and other agents tested during MKULTRA. But the intelligence report on cognitive neuroscience indicates that other approaches might also be effective:


“Recently, it has been documented in a small study that tDCS [Transcranial direct current stimulation – which involves putting an electric current through the brain ] delays a person’s ability to tell a lie.”


There is no suggestion that this type of thing has been attempted on a suspect – yet — and before trying experimental techniques on terrorist suspects, it’s worth remembering that the majority of those who pass through Guantanamo are released without charge. A shift away from Guantanamo and to a more accountable system looks like a smart move.


Brainwash: The Secret History of Mind Control

What would it take to turn you into a suicide bomber?

How would you interrogate a member of Al Qaeda?

With access to formerly classified documentation and interviews from the CIA, the U.S. Army, MI5, MI6, and the British Intelligence Corps, acclaimed journalist Dominic Streatfeild traces the history of the world’s most secret psychological procedure.


Streatfeild, a documentary film producer and author of a social history of cocaine use (Cocaine: An Unauthorized Biography, 2001), offers an expansive and multifaceted exploration of brainwashing in its multitude of forms. With chapters on hypnosis, sensory deprivation, subliminal messages, religious indoctrination, and a variety of truth serums, this account chronicles the many ways psychology and pharmacology have been enlisted in people’s apparently perennial effort to control the minds of other people. Steeped in cold war intrigue, Streatfeild’s narrative features the CIA and other intelligence agencies heavily; tales oscillate between the absurdly hilarious (CIA director Allen Dulles dispatching two agents to Switzerland in 1953 to buy up the world’s entire supply of LSD for “research”) and the profoundly disturbing (CIA agents secretly dosing civilians and analyzing the results). Although the author includes some lengthy jaunts into popular culture to examine films and song lyrics, his core concern is the deadly serious business of mental torture as practiced by today’s intelligence services. Sprawling, accessible, and at times quite casual, this book will attract a diverse readership.


The book is frightening and a good example of “truth is stranger than fiction”. The guys in “1984” are nothing compared to some of these doctors. The fact that some of these experiments were done on unwilling people is even more disturbing. “Hey guys, let’s dose this guy with 50x the normal dose of LSD and not tell him!” Or the sleep experiments where they forced people to sleep for months at a time using drugs, waking them up for ECT “therapy”.

The final chapter (worth the cost alone) is a graphic step-by-step of how the West is interrogating terrorists in Gitmo and elsewhere.



The Search for the “Manchurian Candidate”: The CIA and Mind Control: The Secret History of the Behavioral Sciences

“The CIA exposé to end all CIA exposés.” —New York

A ‘Manchurian Candidate’ is an unwitting  assassin brainwashed and programmed to kill. In  this book, former State Department officer John  Marks tells the explosive story of the CIA’s  highly secret program of experiments in mind  control. His curiosity first aroused by  information on a puzzling suicide. Marks worked  from thousands of pages of newly released  documents as well as interviews and behavioral  science studies, producing a book that  ‘accomplished what two Senate committees could  not’ (Senator Edward Kennedy).


“A comprehensive, detailed and thoroughly readable account of the CIA safehouses, the brainwashing experiments, the involvement of the universities.” (Washington Monthly)
“Perhaps the most compelling, well-researched, organized and well-written account of CIA operations ever.” (Progressive)
“A serious effort to recontruct carefully the details of intelligence agency experiments with ‘mind control.’” (American Political Science Review)
“One of the most important books of the year. . . . We see the CIA on the cutting edge of inquiry into hypnosis, drugs, brainwashing, personality assessment, psychosurgery, electric and radio stimulations of the brain, the creation of involuntary amnesia, terminal shock therapy.” (Playboy)
“Fascinating reading.” (Washington Post)
“A wonderful piece of investigative reporting. The best account we’ll ever get of one of the seamiest episodes of American intelligence.” (Seymour Hersh)


 The author begins by noting the influence of World War II and Nazi science on subsequent investigations by the CIA, formerly the OSS.  In particular, the discovery of the hallucinogenic (psychedelic) drug LSD by Albert Hofman of the Sandoz drug company in Basle, Switzerland was to play a central role in the coming experimental “science” of mind manipulation. 


The author outlines various sadistic experiments performed by the Nazi scientists and doctors on unwitting prisoners and explains how the Nuremburg Code developed.  The author also explains the role of the intelligence operatives in the Second World War, including experiments with marijuana as a supposed truth drug, a whole arsenal of dirty tricks and assassination projects, and the attempt to psychoanalyse Adolf Hitler.  Indeed, after the war, the intelligence community captured the surviving research by the Nazi scientists and attempted to sort through it for any scientific value it might have had. 


Next, the author turns his attention to the development of the Cold War, the subsequent paranoia that ensued over such alleged brainwashing as the case of Cardinal Mindszenty and the Moscow Show Trials, and the creation of the Central Intelligence Agency.  The author shows how various projects including Projects BLUEBIRD and ARTICHOKE came to include mind manipulation technology, emphasizing the polygraph machine and hypnosis. 


The author next turns his attention to the experiments of G. Richard Wendt, who attempted to devise a truth serum as part of his “A” (for ARTICHOKE) treatment.  The author also discusses the role of LSD, often given to unwitting experimental subjects as part of Project MK-ULTRA by the CIA and its role in the death of the scientist Dr. Frank Olson.  As part of the CIA’s experiments with LSD, Dr. Sid Gottlieb tested the drug on unknowing subjects including Olson.  Later Olson was to develop signs of paranoia and depression, eventually leading him to jump to his death from a New York buildingOlson’s death was covered up by the CIA; however, it was later revealed that an allergist (who also experimented with LSD) had been treating him for depression (ironically!). 


The author next turns his attention to the development of various “safe houses” in San Francisco, run by the narcotics officer George WhiteWhite tried to develop techniques for turning enemy agents by using prostitutesWhite also experimented heavily with LSD, marijuana, and other drugs on unknowing subjectsHe frequently held lavish parties and then would spray LSD into the room through an aerosol spray and watch the effects of the drug from a post outside the room.  Needless to say, White’s experiments represent the ultimate in unethical experimentation with drugs as well as hypocrisy because White would frequently turn in common citizens to the police for possession of drugs


The author next turns his attention to the Mexican hallucinogenic mushroom and its role in the development of the 1960s counter-culture.  Here, the author explains the theories of R. Gordon Wasson, an investment banker, who co-authored the book _Mushrooms, Russia and History_ with his wife Valentina Wasson about the role of the hallucinogenic mushroom in culture and religion. 


The author next turns his attention to brainwashing.  Here, the author notes the role of the CIA in promulgating the theory of brainwashing, but also in attempting to create brainwashed subjects.  The author also devotes his attention to “human ecology”.  Here, the author notes the unethical nature of various experiments on sensory deprivation in the CIA’s efforts to depattern a subject.  The author shows how the notion of a “terminal experiment” (i.e. an experiment that pushed a human being to their outer limits with no ethical strings attached) was developed by the CIA and was used to justify extreme experiments in sensory deprivation


The author also discusses the role of personality research including the Gittinger Assessment System of John Gittinger.  Here, the author shows how Gittinger used his research in an attempt to control subjects based on their personality type as determined by his system. 


Finally, the author turns his attention to hypnosis.  Hypnosis was used in the hope of creating the “Manchurian candidate”, a perfect mind control assassin.  This concept had developed out of a novel by Richard Condon where the Chinese communists had brainwashed an American soldier.  It was believed that soldiers returning from a certain area in Manchuria had no memory of what had happened there, leading to the idea that the Chinese were brainwashing Americans.  It should be noted that not all people are equally hypnotizable; however, the CIA believed that by developing the personality of a childhood playmate they could induce multiple personalities in an agent, thereby creating an effective mind control assassin


The author ends this book by noting the importance of the search for truth, particularly as it involves unethical experimentation on United States citizens by its own government. This book offers compelling evidence regarding the CIA’s role in mind manipulation.


From a Canadian perspective, if ever there  was a need for oversight over such clandestine activities, Cameron’s so  called “depatterning,” “psychic driving” techniques  (not to mention the infamous “sleep rooms”) certainly called for  it.  If we are to believe the author — and there is no reason why we  shouldn’t — even the CIA, who traveled periodically to Montreal to observe  his work, found his proposals “chillingly explicit.”  Why?  Well,  even some of the CIA agents must have felt that Cameron’s methods were —  to use THAT word, again — chillingly close to or mirrored those adopted by  the Nazis, many of whom would have enjoyed the hangman’s noose were it not  for Project Paperclip.


In Cameron the CIA found the perfect candidate to  perform experiments on unwitting subjects without accountability and that  could only be considered as crimes against humanity.


“In  Cameron,” states the author, “they [the CIA] had a doctor,  conveniently outside the United States [for obvious reasons], willing to to  terminal experiments [not unlike the Nazis, meaning even to the extent of  losing the subject’s life, a process devoid of either ethical or moral  considerations] in electroshock, sensory deprivation, drug testing, and all  of the above.  By literally wiping the minds of his subjects clean by  depatterning and then trying to program in new behavior, Cameron carried  the process known as ‘brainwashing’ to it its logical extreme.


And “Dr.” Ewen Cameron, who was considered too  powerful to be touched due to his political connections (something to  consider when weighing the nonsense going on in Clinton’s Senate  Impeachment Trial and its foregone conclusion, itself a chilling prospect),  there is an interesting statement about the mentalities involved in MKULTRA  made by one of Cameron’s study-team members, and I quote: “I probably  shouldn’t talk about this, but Cameron — for him to do what he did — he  was a very schizophrenic guy [What pure, naked irony…the very thing by  Hippocratic oath he was sworn to cure!], who totally detached himself from  the human implications of his work…God, we talk about concentration  camps.  I don’t want to make this comparison, but God, you talk about ‘we  didn’t know it was happening,’ and it was — right in our own back  yard.”  Indeed, and we sanctimonious Canadians have always thought it  could never happen here.


In spite of the countless, battered victims left  in his wake, one former associate had the nerve to say that Cameron  “truly cared about the welfare of his patients,” that he  “wanted to make them well.”  That this same associate would refer  to Cameron’s victims as patients only underscores the brutality and  amorality of what was going on, and probably still is in a more subtle and  sophisticated fashion.


But most crucially, in this context, we have to  thank the author for revealing that the frequent screams echoing though the  Allan Memorial hospital “did not deter Cameron or MOST of his  associates in their attempts to ‘depattern’ their subjects  COMPLETELY.”  Emphasis mine.  So far had Cameron sunk to the level of  personal depravity that “he welcomed this kind of impairment as a sign  the treatment was taking effect and plowed ahead through his  routine.”


This then is the value of the book itself: that doctors  and other men of professional standing would dare use the excuse that it  was largely due to the temper of the times (fear of the Russians, etc.)and  the do-anything mentality to acquire research funds which the CIA somewhat  brilliantly orchestrated through various front companies.


John Marks is an excellent researcher.  MK Ultra is an extremely dark chapter in the history of the intelligence, military, and R&D community.  There are some troubling insights that I feel compelled to  repeat here.  First, this covert community destroyed an enormous amount of  their records and documentation on secret activities in the late 60’s and  early 70’s.  They obviously destroyed the most damning portion of the paper  trail.  Yet out of the relatively benign information still available, we  get proof of unethical conduct and allusions of possible illegal acts.  There is even a hint that research was conducted on microwaves, ultrasonic,  and electrical stimulation of the brain.  There’s little or no information  on what was discovered in *these* subjects, or even whether the activities  were truly halted.  We now have indication that the military just so  happens to have data on the use of sub & ultra sonics in nonleathal  weapons.  It’s possible that the information, and possibly even current MK  Ultra influenced research, is still around.  I’ve heard military personnel  say most of the very sensitive research does not occur on the CIA operative  level, but in subcontractors and middle management who keep their own  research records and staff.

  Didn’t Sirhan Sirhan say he’d been in a  hypnotic trance?  Did he say this before MK Ultra was revealed, or after?  I wonder…


John Marks only follows the trail of the CIA. Many other branches/units of the government  and military were involved in MK-Ultra. The Army, Navy, Air Force, NSA,  DOD, DOE.


Manchurian Candidate lists the CIA’s use of prostitutes in luring unsuspecting ‘johns’ to CIA run brothels so that our intelligence community may monitor the affects of large doses of LSD given to these men without their knowledge. The CIA would also routinely give LSD to one another in order to monitor it’s affects. Unfortunately this resulted in the death of CIA agent Frank Olsen who reportedly committed suicide after having an unexpected ‘bad trip’. In classic CIA fashion, they tried to cover up his death and denied all wrongdoing.


For those interested in this book, which I recommend, I would also  like to recommend “Pyschiatry and the CIA” by Harvey M.  Weinstein, M.D.  Weinstein describes a specific account of CIA funded  behavioral modification research that was unwittingly foisted upon his  father via his father’s psychological treatment by Dr. Ewen Cameron.  I  think this book would be a nice compliment to Marks’ book.


Psychiatry and the CIA: Victims of Mind Control

Dr Weinstein chronicles how he spent eight years fighting to help obtain justice for his father, who, along with eight other Canadians, was suing the CIA for negligence in its sponsorship of Dr Ewen Cameron’s mind control experiments. That programme included lengthy periods of multiple electroshocks, hallucinogenic drugs such as LSD, prolonged sensory deprivation, forced sleep, induced insulin comas, and psychic driving – an attempt to alter behaviour by forcing patients to listen to taped messages over and over again. In his book, Dr Weinstein describes his feelings of horror and helplessness while watching his father’s health and personality be destroyed as he underwent Cameron’s experimental protocol. “Psychiatry and the CIA: Victims of Mind Control” is Harvey Weinstein’s personal account of the events at the Allan Memorial Institute. A chronicle of a medical scandal of horrific proportions, this book is also a story of government misconduct, deceit, and cover-ups. Dr Weinstein further raises questions about the vulnerability of contemporary medicine to the abuse of patients in the context of repeated episodes of ethical transgressions during this century.


Exploring a startling amount of information, Mind Control, World Control analyzes the technology used to control human minds; the experiments and the experiments gone wrong. It reveals the methodology of implants and exposes mind control assassins and couriers, as well as famous mind control victims Sirhan Sirhan and Candy Jones. Among the many revealing chapters in this shocking work are those on early CIA experiments such as Project Artichoke and Project RIC-EDOM.



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