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Why Did the U.S. Cancel Conference on Eliminating Middle East WMDs in 2012?

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Given that the U.S. has been adamant about Syria destroying its WMDs, it seems rather odd that it canceled last year’s Middle East WMD Elimination conference:


The US State Department announced last November that no conference on eliminating weapons of mass destruction from the Middle East would be held in 2012. In the announcement, the State Department emphasized its view that “a comprehensive and durable peace in the region” is an essential precursor to a WMD-free zone. But any policy that assigns precedence to peace over disarmament entails two major flaws.

The first is that such a policy ignores the primary objective of a WMD-free zone: to protect civilians from weapons of mass destruction. These weapons are not primarily designed to vanquish an enemy’s military, but to destroy military-industrial centers and trigger a collapse of the enemy’s home front. They cannot have any place in the enduring peace that the United States says it desires.

The second flaw is that making peace a condition for disarmament legitimizes the WMD that already exist, in effect allowing their use as military instruments to support aggressive policies. I recognize that regional security and conflict resolution cannot be ignored while a WMD-free zone is established, but weapons of mass destruction don’t deserve to be tolerated until “comprehensive and durable peace” is achieved. Assigning precedence to peace over disarmament is incorrect sequencing.


Written by voiceoftruthusa

September 16, 2013 at 1:21 pm

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