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Is China Pro-Syria or Pro-Peace? Or…

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China has been consistently blocking the attempts of the West to adopt the anti-Syrian resolution in the UN Security Council. At the summit of G20 in St. Petersburg, a representative of the country again warned the United States against a military intervention in Syria. Beijing has its own powerful arguments in support of Bashar al – Assad that it prefers not to disclose.

Deputy Finance Minister Zhu Guangyao said at a press briefing of the G20 summit that a military action in Syria would negatively impact the world economy, especially in terms of oil prices as it would lead to their increase, Reuters reports. China’s position on the Syrian conflict has little coverage in the international media because the country lives guided by the principle of Deng Xiaoping – to act cautiously and skillfully keep a low profile. The Chinese leadership has achieved great success in this art. However, some conclusions can be drawn.

The official Chinese position was announced on September 5 by Qin Gang, a spokesperson of the Chinese Foreign Ministry. He said that further steps towards Syria must be approved by the UN Security Council, as this is one of the basic principles of the international law governing international relations. He also called for the political negotiations in Syria, considering them the only way out of the tragic situation in the country, said the representative of China and called to wait for the results of the investigation of a chemical attack on August 21st by the UN representatives.

Written by voiceoftruthusa

September 14, 2013 at 5:22 am

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