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Analysis: What’s REALLY Behind Obama’s Red Line on Syria

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Remember when you played games of dare when you were a child, where you dared a friend to eat something nasty or jump over a certain impossible line? Well President Obama’s carefully scripted “red line” dare to Syria. But any savvy consumer of news should realize this red line was not aimed at the Syrian government, but was actually a green light for the West-backed, Al-Qaeda infiltrated Syrian rebel group to prepare a false flag operation against Assad’s government. So with Obama’s red line giving the rebels a green light, the U.S. and its allies implemented the first phase of the false flag operation by supplying all kinds of weapons – conventional AND chemical – to the rebels, and training them on the use of such weapons. It is already documented that the West supplied weapons and training.

What was not detailed was exactly what kind of weapons were supplied as this info was both classified and misreported to the public.

Nevertheless, once the weapons, training and carefully scripted propaganda were firmly in place – and the rebels gave off the false appearance that they are a rag-tag group of unsophisticated and barely trained fighting force, the drug-crazed rebels turned the chemical weapons on average Syrians and had high-def video cameras already on the scene, streaming video of their false flag victims (and possibly crisis actors mixed in) to the West.

The West then takes their fresh propaganda piece, and goes into the next phase: packaging the info as classified “military investigation” and having Secretary of State John Kerry, Defense Secretary Hagel, VP Joe Biden, and propaganda homerun hitter President Obama tell the world that “everyone knows Assad did this to his own people and we can’t stand by and let this violation of international law go unpunished!”

Such is the false flag operation in detail. And for those who follow the Book of Revelation in the Bible, you know that this is how the Harlot Babylon the Great maintains her Mystery: By using deceptive operations like false flags to hide from the public.

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August 31, 2013 at 3:02 pm

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